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20 Gage Press - MEC 600 Jr. Mk. V
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MEC is known for making high quality presses that will last. This press is easy to operate. The 600 Jr. Mark 5 is MEC's ...
BPI Cork Cushion Wad 1/4" 250/ct
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BPI 1222412

Cork Cushion Wad - 12ga 1/4" (250/bag)

Cork wads provide cushioned but sturdy basewad support for all shot...
BPI Gas Seal 12ga. X12X 250/ct
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BPI gas seal 12 gauge X12X 250ct

Developed to provide a rare solution to problems created by slow-burning rate propella...
BPI Mix #47 Shotshell Buffer
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BPI #BPIMIX47 Shotshell Buffer

1/2 lb. jar

Was developed for the requirements of steel shot and large pellet payloads...
BPI Shotshell roll crimper 12g
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BPI Shotshell Roll Crimper 12g #BPIROLL12

A BP Original. Crimp depths often vary from load to load, even to a point whe...
BPI TPS WAD 12ga. 2-3/4" 100/ct
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BPI TPS WAD 12ga 2-3/4" #3227701

100 Count bag - Pre-slit for steel shot

BPI's TPS Wads are the most advanced non-toxi...